Recent Workshops

June 2018 Romanby Parish Council. Art tent provided for an afternoon celebration to re-commemorate the war memorial in Romanby. – Decorating commemorative pebbles.

February 2018 – Curated the glass art exhibition at The Station, Richmond. Displaying the artwork produced at the weekly Choparts workshop, for people with learning disabilities and mental health problems. The exhibition showcased their talents and allowed members of the public to buy their art.

November 2019 – February 2018 – Choparts Glass Art. Weekly art workshops facilitating people with learning disabilities and mental health problems to create glass art to increase self confidence, encourage social skills and allow expression through art.

August and September 2017 – Adult Arty Experience Evening. These adult art evenings are all about encouraging you to be experimental with your art. There’s no right or wrong here, just a place for you to discover. And most importantly to enjoy the process of art making.

July 2017 – Northallerton Carnival. Art tent for children to enjoy experiential art – spinning art and salt absorption art.

July 2017 – Kirkby Malzead Primary School. Full day art workshops for children from reception through to year 6

June 2017 – Northallerton Food Fest. Provision of an art tent painting ‘The great outdoors’. A collaborative art project where children decorated a branch with paint, wool and pipe cleaners. Children also created individual cardboard tubes with a selection of materials, and added them to the branch installation. Younger children enjoyed a fun sensory approach to art and painted ‘leaves’ with spaghetti, which were also added to the branch installation.

June 2017 – Adult Arty Experience. Providing adults with a playful approach to art. Feedback from people who attended:

“I appreciated given the chance to just let loose and enjoy art once more.”

“Fun, colourful, uninhibiting, tactile, no pressure.”

“Overall a great experience. It’s important for all to find their creativity!”

“Didn’t feel pressured at all and could have sat there all night”

May 2017 – Provision of an art tent at Morton-on-Swale fun day. 5 hours art tent with collaborative spin art work, added to by children throughout the afternoon.

May 2017 – Provision of arty activities for an adoption and foster organisation family day. Two hour experimental art workshop for children aged between 2 – 13 years old.

November 2016, February 2017, April 2017, June 2017 – Mini Explorers nursery. Outdoor based workshops using nature & art materials to inspire the children to use nature to create dripping pine cone art, rolling conker art & decorating a branch with paint, pipe cleaners, beads, buttons & decorated card board rolls.

March-April 2017 – The Old Mill Centre, Skeeby Richmond. Working alongside other creative facilitators to deliver a Creative Expressive Retreat weekend, for adults. Workshops included nature sculptures and playful art on a large scale.

retreat 2

February 2017 – Show the love campaign. Worked in partnership with Romanby WI local families for an international campaign providing art activities for the event.

July and October 2016 – Romanby Toddler Group. Indoor based art workshop for 1-4 year olds. Activities such as, textured hand painting, spaghetti art, puffy paints and ‘mud’ play dough with dinosaurs.


June – July 2016 – Aisew’s under 5’s nursery. Indoor based art workshop for 2-4 year olds, facilitating experimentation with salt absorption art, fizzing paints on ice, and prints on foil.