Recent Workshops

August and September 2017 – Adult Arty Experience Evening. These adult art evenings are all about encouraging you to be experimental with your art. There’s no right or wrong here, just a place for you to discover. And most importantly to enjoy the process of art making.

July 2017 – Northallerton Carnival. Art tent for children to enjoy experiential art – spinning art and salt absorption art.

July 2017 – Kirkby Malzead Primary School. Full day art workshops for children from reception through to year 6

June 2017 – Northallerton Food Fest. Provision of an art tent painting ‘The great outdoors’. A collaborative art project where children decorated a branch with paint, wool and pipe cleaners. Children also created individual cardboard tubes with a selection of materials, and added them to the branch installation. Younger children enjoyed a fun sensory approach to art and painted ‘leaves’ with spaghetti, which were also added to the branch installation.

June 2017 – Adult Arty Experience. Providing adults with a playful approach to art. Feedback from people who attended:

“I appreciated given the chance to just let loose and enjoy art once more.”

“Fun, colourful, uninhibiting, tactile, no pressure.”

“Overall a great experience. It’s important for all to find their creativity!”

“Didn’t feel pressured at all and could have sat there all night”

May 2017 – Provision of an art tent at Morton-on-Swale fun day. 5 hours art tent with collaborative spin art work, added to by children throughout the afternoon.

May 2017 – Provision of arty activities for an adoption and foster organisation family day. Two hour experimental art workshop for children aged between 2 – 13 years old.

November 2016, February 2017, April 2017, June 2017 – Mini Explorers nursery. Outdoor based workshops using nature & art materials to inspire the children to use nature to create dripping pine cone art, rolling conker art & decorating a branch with paint, pipe cleaners, beads, buttons & decorated card board rolls.

March-April 2017 – The Old Mill Centre, Skeeby Richmond. Working alongside other creative facilitators to deliver a Creative Expressive Retreat weekend, for adults. Workshops included nature sculptures and playful art on a large scale.

retreat 2

February 2017 – Show the love campaign. Worked in partnership with Romanby WI local families for an international campaign providing art activities for the event.

July and October 2016 – Romanby Toddler Group. Indoor based art workshop for 1-4 year olds. Activities such as, textured hand painting, spaghetti art, puffy paints and ‘mud’ play dough with dinosaurs.


June – July 2016 – Aisew’s under 5’s nursery. Indoor based art workshop for 2-4 year olds, facilitating experimentation with salt absorption art, fizzing paints on ice, and prints on foil.