Ruth’s Arty Experience – designing and facilitating innovative and exciting experimental art workshops

The beauty of experiential art is that you can have fun experimenting with art techniques and art materials but not have the pressure of worrying about what it will look like! Art is powerful, freeing and mindful, you don’t need to be an artist to experience this.

All ages can enjoy art; from babies and toddlers enjoying texture and colour mixing, to adults taking time to do something for themselves and loosing themselves in the creativity.

“I believe that in the art process you find fun, learning, experimentation, creativity and joy!” Ruth.

Ruth’s Arty Experience:

– Adult art evenings

– Accessible art workshops

– Art activities for events & festivals

–  Art workshops for childcare settings, schools, including special needs

– Birthday Arty Parties

& much much more!

In the workshops creativity can run wild.

Workshops can be designed for all ages and abilities. In the workshops people have access to the materials and processes to allow them to become comfortable and confident expressing their creativity.

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