About Ruth


Photo of Ruth

I graduated from Liverpool University in 2001 with a degree in Occupation Therapy and have worked as an Occupational Therapist for 13 years. Assessing clients with a range of conditions and ages from adults with brain injuries to children with sensory processing disorders. I have increased client’s independence and facilitated individuals to work towards their own personal goals using daily activities that are meaningful them. This has required me to work in a range of settings including client’s homes, schools, and hospitals; working effectively alongside doctors, teachers, parents, and children etc.

I am also a mum to two children. Developing their individual creativity is really important to me. I enjoy designing process based art activities for them to experience & experiment with art materials and non-conventional materials to facilitate their creativity. My children have taught me a lot with their very different approaches to art.


Photo of one of Ruth’s ceramic sculptures

The skills and experience I gained from being an Occupational Therapist combined with my lifelong passion for arts & crafts, and now being a mum to two lively children, has lead me to build my own business. Ruth’s Arty Experience – designing and facilitating bespoke experimental art workshops for childcare settings and schools, including children with special needs, for events and creative retreats, and regular adult art evenings.

My aim is to bring true joy & exploration to art.