Clay Collages

I love clay and how versatile it is. All ages can create wonderful things and experience it’s wonderful texture. It provides endless options to create; you can squeeze it, pinch it, roll it, squash it etc!

Here is a creative activity you can do with children as young as 3 years old, up to about 8 years.

clay ideas You will need:

Air drying clay

Parchment paper

Rolling pin


Craft materials e.g. coloured material, sequins, shells, coloured sticks, beads, gems, glitter, feather

What to do:

Roll out clay onto a square of parchment paper, cut clay into a square (or whatever shape you like) using the knife – Younger children will need an adult to do this stage.

Then get creative pressing in the different craft materials onto the clay. Adding a bit of water may help the pieces stick.

When you have completed your design, leave to dry for a couple of days. If any pieces become unstuck you can glue them back on again. Children could also paint the clay when it is dry or leave it as it is.


This activity is simple yet effective. It allows children to take the lead, make a piece that is truly their own and they can make it as complicated or as simple as they like.


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