Find the artist within!

I am very driven by the outcome; I’m a doer. And I recognise a lot of us adults are like this. But look at kids, they’re free with so many things. Yes, they don’t have all the things adults need to do and the pressures of deadlines, waiting lists, money, providing food, and the list can go on and on! What I’m talking about is the desire to conform and this happens in many areas of life: looks, job, being in the ‘in’ crowd, fear of being rejected. I think this conformity comes into being creative too and then destroys it!

How many adults think they’re not arty? Or would freak out with a blank bit of paper when asked to draw or create something? But wind back the clock to when they were 3 or 5 years old- the age my kids are now. They don’t care and they are so creative!



But too soon kids are told, ‘don’t do it like that, you don’t use that like that, you’re meant to do this, let me help you make it look like the example!’ This is how we destroy true creativity and turnout adults who think they can’t do art or are too focused on the outcome. It destroys how amazing the original idea was!

I’m very like this as an artist, too considered, controlled, conscious about others. I want to be like my children when it comes to art & I’m sure my best work will come, I’ll find the artist within!





big art 12



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